Book Review 02 – The Story of Muhammad (pbuh) in Madinah

The Story of Muhammad
Our Rating: 8 out of 10

An ideal introduction to Seerah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad’s (pbuh). This book describes the setting in Madinah and especially a tearjerker when it places you at the Last Sermon of our Nabi Muhammad’s (pbuh). The illustrations are bright, and colourful, which also lends a more inviting feel to the books. And indeed for muslim children in particular, this story is certainly one of the most important that they should know!
The book is perfect for independant readers, yet language is simple enough for the youngest children to follow. The wording flows well and is without the heaviness that is usually associated with History books. Children can fully grasp important lessons and critical moments in the life of Muhammad (pbuh) while still being fully entertained.

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