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Reesh was established with our youth in mind. We wanted to offer a platform that would allow our youth access to Islamic reading material easily. We keep it simple, so you can  increase in knowledge that will stimulate your soul. Best of all – it’s at your fingertips by a click of a button. You view our products online and browse our website.

After seeing an increased need Islamic reading material,  we designed reesh.co.za our Kiddies Book Store.

Today, we’re proud to empower all our youth around the world. Everyone deserves access to quality Islamic reading material.

Reesh was founded by someone who absolutely loves kids.
Her passion is to see a smile on every child. Wow its been a journey what a wonderful journey. We would love you to experience it. The sheer joy emanating from the parents and children, "Priceless"
Added our selection of Kiddies Books
Buy Kiddies Books online in South Africa. Fast, reliable … Feast your eyes on our selection of books and feed your soul. Ranges such as Goodword, Darussalam, IIPH surely will awaken your senses.
Launched our very own Kiddies Book Store | Reesh
We are stunned at the response and the traction that we received. We love our customers.
Kicked off #Project2MillionandCounting
We have a dream . . . What's yours?
November 2019
Reesh is fully commited to driving down high prices
Reesh will venture into a new territory soon In Shaa Allah and with Allah's power and your duas we shall attain the highest success in dunya and akhira.
November 2019

Assalamu alaykum

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