A Kids' Guide to the Coronavirus from an Islamic Perspective

Migo & Ali Coronavirus

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Migo & Ali Coronavirus: A Kids' Guide to the Coronavirus, from an Islamic Perspective

What Migo & Ali discuss here:

1.) Explanation of the virus - what is Coronavirus and what does it do?

2.) How to cope with worries - will everyone get sick?

3.) How to keep ourselves and others safe - why are we staying home?

4.) Things to do - I'm bored at home!

Learn Something, as a Family, Everyday

Use the time to learn together by sitting down to go over one hadith, or memorise a surah, or read a story of a prophet, or ask questions about Allah(swt) and His Deen(Religion).

Here is the link that you can follow to download the discussion: https://www.muslimchildrensbooks.co.uk/single-post/2020/03/18/Coronavirus-Migo-Ali-Discuss








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